Severe Weather Preparedness

Severe weather can happen at any time. It knows no seasons. Do you know your risk for severe weather in your community? In Alabama we know that severe weather such as tornadoes and thunderstorms with lightning are likely in our area.


Those storms could also bring along with them flooding rains. Take the time know to determine if your home is in a flood plain and considering looking into flood insurance. 

During the summer of 2016 we had a drought. During that drought we saw wildfires, which are not as common as tornadoes and thunderstorms. Now is the time to think about what you and your family would do if your home or land we threatened by a wildfire. While they may not be as common in our area as in others it is still important for you and your family to have a plan. 

In recent years our state has seen extreme cold temperatures, as well as snow and ice. While this weather is rare it is possible in our state and you and your family show be prepared for it. 

The last hurricane our state saw was Hurricane Katrina. Since our state as not experience as hurricane in over 10 years it is natural to put preparedness plans on the back burner, but continue to talk to your family about preparing for hurricanes. Some might also think that they are too far inland to be affected by a hurricane. It is important to remember that they are capable of traveling inland and could spark severe weather spin off storms. 

It is important to listen to local officials during an emergency and if you are asked to evacuate you should do so. 

Watch = Severe weather is possible

Warning = Severe conditions have begun or will begin soon

Severe Weather Prep Terms
Severe Weather Alerts

You may not always be near a TV or radio when severe weather strikes. It is important to have multiple ways to be alerted to  severe weather. Purchasing a NOAA weather radio and having it programmed for your county could save your life. It can be plugged in but also has batteries, should the power go out. You can also download weather apps from your favorite local news station. Your counties Emergency Management Agency is another great resource for learning information about seere weather in your area. Click HERE to find your counties EMA. You can go to to learn more. 

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