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Ready Baby

Ready Baby is a targeted outreach campaign to pregnant women and families with small children teaching the importance of preparedness for family resiliency.  You’ve got rattles, pacifiers and toys, all the things a baby enjoys. But when a disaster hits, do you have a baby emergency kit? 


A baby’s 3-Day emergency kit could be an extra diaper bag with everyday essential items tailored to your baby’s needs. The items are as follows:


  • Small Toys (Don’t forget favorite stuffed animals)

  • Clothing

  • Diapers and baby wipes

  • Milk or formula

  • Powders, creams or ointments

  • Bottles and extra nipples

  • Baby food

  • Sheets, blankets, rubber pads

  • Portable crib

  • Plastic bags

  • Pacifiers

  • Hygiene items such as hand sanitizer

  • Any medications your child takes



If your baby has special health needs, you should have a copy of an emergency medical treatment plan created by your doctor.


Often times, the needs of babies are left out during the emergency preparedness planning process. In a disaster situation, it is the baby’s family that can provide the most effective care. Therefore, families should prepare for a disaster with their baby’s needs in mind.


Here are a few organizations and web sites devoted to babies and children:

American Academy of Pediatrics

“Disaster Preparedness to Meet Children’s Needs”

Administration for Children and Families Child Care Bureau

“Emergency Preparedness”

Center for Disease Control

“Caring for Children in a Disaster”

Baby Center

“How to Prepare for an Emergency”

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