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Ready For You

Ready Baby is a targeted outreach campaign to pregnant women and families with small children teaching the importance of preparedness for family resiliency.

Ready Kids in a targeted outreach campaign to the youth of Alabama to encourage individual and family preparedness and community involvement.

The Ready Campaign consulted with a number of organizations experienced in the health and wellbeing of older Americans and people with disabilities and other access and functional needs to develop Ready information tailored to their unique needs.  These organizations include AARP, American Red Cross (Red Cross), the National Organization on Disability (NOD) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Your family is prepared for a disaster, but is your family pet? The best way to start is to make a plan. 

To ensure Alabama’s continued economic viability the state is launching a program to encourage small to mid-sized businesses to have an all-purpose disaster plan.  On this site, you will find a plan template, tips, and links to make getting prepared as easy as possible.  Please tour the site and make your business ready!

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